The Tamar shelter society

Tamar Shelter Society

Listed in Northern Cape

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Tamar Shelter Society attend to all women and children who experience any kind of abuse and assist them, irrespective of their race or creed. Abuse does not distinguish class, colour, age or religion.

Services provided by Tamar Shelter Society:

Provision of clothes, food and toiletries for those in need. Once in the Shelter spiritual and psychological counselling are offered to improve the self-worth of the women and children who find themselves in the Shelter.

Children are transported to school where possible. Victims are also transported to hospitals and clinics.

Victims get accompanied to court to obtain a restraining order. All police visits are co-ordinated with the house manager. Once victims are stabilized, the aim is to unite them with their own families to free them from their abusers.

contact:Tameryn Ellis
Project Development Manager

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