SAVF Christiana Diensbestuur,Christiana


Listed in North West

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  • 161 Christiana,Christiana,2680
  • 534,412,359

Meet SAVF Christiana Diensbestuur NPO.Also find below full address of SAVF Christiana Diensbestuur and other contact details.Postal address is PO Box 161,Christiana,2680,North West.Phone number is 534,412,359.

SAVF Christiana Diensbestuur
161 Christiana
North West
Registered on 30-Aug-00

Searching for NPO in Christiana,North West, meet SAVF Christiana Diensbestuur. Their activities includes;Development and Housing,Economic, Social and Community Development,Community and neighborhood organisations.For further information contact Me.E van Jaarsveld on 534,412,359, fax-539,480,819.

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